Beach Bag Necessities

Who’s ready to kick off the summer?! I know I certainly am! And what better way to do that then spending Memorial Day at the beach? Although I am working all weekend, I can at least think about how much fun that would be!

If you are like me, the biggest pain about going to the beach is packing for the beach. What do I wear? What if I don’t bring enough outfits? What will I forget this time? etc…

So in honor of this weekend, and all you lucky gals making your way to the beach, I thought it might be helpful to share my beach bag essentials.


  1. Most important is the beach bag! I try to keep mine small so I can’t bring as much stuff. This Lilly Pulitzer beach bag was a lovely birthday gift from a friend. My favorite thing about it? It’s lined with soft plastic making it easy to clean!
  2. I bring a smaller cosmetic bag for all of my sunscreen. This striped one from Vera Bradley is also lined with plastic, so if my sunscreen explodes -I am covered! Which leads to…IMG_6389
  3. Sunscreen! I am very picky when it comes to sunscreen. I need to have my SPF 30 lip balm (if you’ve had sun burnt lips, you know they’re terrible), oil-free face sunscreen and SPF 30 lotion sunscreen. I like to use Banana Boat’s dry oil with argan oil. This is lightweight and helps with my tan but the dry oil formula also leaves my skin feeling smooth. (Available at drugstores in SPF 4, 8, 15 and 25).
  4. I make sure to have a pair of beach sandals that can get wet and sandy. There is nothing worse than not having a pair of “knock around” flip-flops and having to wear your good ones to the beach! I recommend these from Lilly Pulitzer.
  5. Don’t forget a water bottle to keep you hydrated. This stainless steel one from Vera Bradley keeps my drink cold all day and doesn’t sweat! It’s also lightweight and BPA free. (Get it here –also available in blue).
  6. Some light reading always helps me relax. If it’s not a good book I am reading, it’s probably a fashion mag!
  7. I can NOT go to the beach without a hat! My face is extremely sensitive to the sun, so wearing a hat helps protect me from getting sunburn. (There’s nothing worse than a red, peeling face). I snagged this one from Francesca’s for only $20 on sale!
  8. Koozies! (This is a given -normally I bring extras just in case)!

Once you have your bag packed and you’re ready to roll, it’s time to pick out your suit. Even though it’s Memorial Day, I never really like wearing the stars and stripes on my bathing suit – it’s just not a good look for me. Instead, I opt for a more subtle bathing suit that incorporates the red, white & blue.

IMG_6391Try this one from Everything But Water

If you live up North and are spending the weekend at the beach, it will probably be a little bit cooler so you may want to try a cute one piece. This is one of my favs:

IMG_6390Also from Everything but Water and comes in 3 additional colors!

Regardless of where you are going or what you are doing this weekend, I hope everyone has a happy, fun and safe Memorial Day!

Xx, Hannah Beth



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