DIY – Letter Painting

One of my favorite hobbies (sometimes I feel like I have a million) is letter painting. These make great gifts for kids, newlyweds –or pretty much anyone now that I think about it.

Most of the letters I paint display some sort of theme. So when thinking of a gift for someone, it’s good to know (or ask) what that person loves.

I threw a baby shower for one of my friends a few years ago and it was a nautical theme. She was having a boy and had already decided on the name Dean. As part of her decorations, I painted letters for Dean’s nursery with anchors and sailboats.



She loved these so much that I ended up doing a set for her older daughter Lilly (Hello Kitty theme).


This is a creative (and inexpensive) way to show someone that you put time and thought into their gift –which is usually much more appreciated than splurging on a flashy gift. (Don’t get me wrong, splurging is definitely ok and I’m not saying that flashy gifts are not appreciated, but if you simply don’t have the budget to do so, this is a viable alternative).

These also made great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for my parents. I painted D-A-D letters for Father’s Day three years ago when we were all graduating. I got each of us kids to hold a letter in our cap and gown with our college logos painted on them #GoTigers.


I put the pictures in a 3-piece picture frame and he has it on display at work. He has also gotten a ton of compliments from co-workers! My mom loved the idea so much we ended up doing the same thing for her the next year for Mother’s Day.


The letters are usually between $2-4 a piece at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and you can always purchase paint at one of these stores for super cheap!

I am planning to do another set for one of my friends who is getting married (with her and her fiancé’s monogram) as a keepsake for their new house. I would also recommend doing monograms for longer names if you don’t have time to paint a ton of letters.

Let me know what ya’ll think about the DIY letter paintings and feel free to leave suggestions! If you have questions about the materials I use, let me know and I would be happy to assist!

Xx, Hannah Beth


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