Fall in the South

Happy first day of fall everyone!

In the words of my good friend Joanna on fall trends in the south, “it’s a real thing and it sucks.”

I know this may not apply to most of you… but what do you do when all of the retail stores come out with their fall lines in the beginning of August, and you live somewhere where it’s still 100º and hotter than ever?? It’s an issue that us ladies in the south have to deal with every year.

Instead of avoiding fall fashion completely.. I have come up with a few compromises that offer realistic alternatives to those staple fall pieces.

Instead of ankle booties, try:

All of these booties are from Macy’s – use code STYLE for extra savings!
One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Instead of long sleeve shirts, try:


Or 3/4 length sleeves… With plain tops, try pairing these with a printed/patterned scarf. All of these options above are available in at least 2 more colors!
One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Instead of flannel, try:


Or lightweight plaid tees… option number 3 is actually a flannel cut off for $12!
One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Instead of long jeans, try:


One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Instead of big sweaters, try:


Or off the shoulder… The middle sweater has slits down the back that are so cute!
One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Instead of cardigans, try:


One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five

Here are some of the ways that I style these pieces:

*Also note… you can still wear shorts! The sweater above is lightweight and has slits on the sides to make it breathable. When paired with shorts and booties, it makes the perfect transition outfit for fall.

What are some other ways that you all try to beat the heat? I would love to hear from you and get your feedback! Especially if there is something I missed!




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