Congrats Erin & Josh!

For those of you that know my mother, know she is a WONDERFUL hostess and she loves every bit of it. Last Sunday afternoon was no exception!

So many family members and friends came from all over the country to our little hometown in Maryland to celebrate the engagement of my brother Josh and his beautiful fiancé Erin. We had my uncles come in from Ohio and Kentucky, my grandma and cousins from Pennsylvania, Erin’s mom from Colorado, her brother from Pennsylvania, and family friends from Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida!

We definitely had a full house (of company and food) and it was so much fun celebrating the love between these two kind hearted, genuine and amazing people!



Of course we had to make sure that everything was decorated perfectly. I spent most of Saturday (and some of Sunday morning) making signs… but of course you all know I love doing that ‘crafty’ stuff.


We had a nice mimosa and Bloody Mary bar set up, along with an elaborate dessert bar and a s’more bar by the fireplace (Erin’s favorite). The weather could not have been more beautiful and it was just an overall perfect day!

Here is the blood mary/mimosa bar:

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We will definitely be doing this again! I LOVE mimosas and everyone else did too… this will be at my next house party for sure. Here is the dessert bar with the “Love is Sweet” Sign that I made. Homemade doughnuts and coffee cake were delicious and my mom’s infamous cheesecake bars went quickly! I also made the welcome sign at the front door with chalkboard paint… (that stuff is amazing)!



Below are some more of the decorations and delicious food –not to mention the over the top cheese plate my mom had me put together last minute:

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The s’mores were also a huge hit –especially since it started to cool off at night. Throughout the day it was so good to spend some time with my family and get to know Erin’s family a little better. I had never met her brother Charles (who lives in Towson, MD) and he brought his daughter, (Erin’s niece) Virginia who is the SWEETEST and cutest little thing. I have never met such a happy baby!


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and then there are the crazy ladies behind it all…


Seeing the turn out for this party shows how much love and support there is for these two already. I could not be more proud of my brother or more blessed to add another sister like Erin to our family! I have been lucky enough to watch their relationship grow over the last 6 years and can’t wait to see all of the exciting things that their future has in store!

Below are some more pictures from the party… enjoy!



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