Top 10 Beauty Finds

Welcome to my first ever beauty post! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but it took a while for it to come to fruition. I really wanted to write about products that I use almost daily (and most of these I do) but I also wanted to make sure I included items that I honestly could not live without. These are in no particular order… enjoy!


Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for those mornings that I wake up late (which happens frequently). I have such fine hair that if I shower the night before, my hair will likely be greasy by the time I wake up. Now we have the amazing invention of dry shampoo. I remember back in high school I would stand in my tub and dump baby powder on my hair if I didn’t have time to shower –eww! Luckily those days are over and I can use this Batiste dry shampoo that has a blonde tint. This especially comes in handy when I am between hair highlights so my roots aren’t as noticeable. (Also available for brunettes).


Ya’ll need to trust me when I say this is worth the investment! I was lucky enough to snag mine during the Nordstrom sale for only $89. I have never had the best complexion… something I have struggled with since middle school. However, this has done wonders for my skin. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells and really cleans out my pores.  I use it once in the morning and once at night for a minute and a half. There’s a timer on it to let you know when to switch areas of your face. Sometimes I also use it on my elbows and knee caps –pretty much anywhere where you have rough or dry skin.


I don’t know about the rest of you but my lips are always so dry. In the summer I chalk it up to the sun and humidity but in the winter its the dry, cool air. I seriously can not leave the house without chapstick and if I don’t have it on me, I might panic. So a few months ago I started using Fizzy Lip and it has helped me tremendously with my dry, cracked lips. I usually use it in the morning and rub the exfoliator across my lips until they are smooth to the touch and then finish it with the wet lip, which is super hydrating.


I have tried so many face masks in my lifetime but this one is by far my favorite. While a little on the pricey side, it is completely worth it. Like I mentioned before, I have always struggled with my complexion –especially my pores. This clay mask has made a huge difference in helping clear them up. I only use it one every week or so, but afterwards my skin feels so refreshed!


My face is very dry and sensitive… and I’m sure you can only imagine that it gets even worse in the winter. This product has saved my life! Whenever I wash my face with chemicals (and sometimes when I use my Mia Clarisonic) I get really dry spots around my nose and on my chin. This lotion is so hydrating that I just rub a little bit onto my dry spots and they instantly disappear. This product is so hydrating and nourishing that I use it both day and night. My face can also tend to get oily and I have found that this cream prevents that and is fairly lightweight so as not to clog my pores.


So my hair is extremely fine -my hairdresser says “baby fine” and it is an every day struggle to put some volume into it. I have tried several volume and root boosters and have not found one that I am COMPLETELY in love with –until now. I love the Living Proof because this product isn’t tacky or sticky. My hair is so fragile that I can’t afford to try and style it with sticky products. I just lift up layers of my hair (usually after the shower or when it’s damp) and spray this stuff on the roots from about a foot away for better control. My roots instantly get a boost and when I finish drying my hair I can tell a HUGE difference because it does not lay as flat. Then I am able to style as normal!


This is another #NSALE purchase. I use it twice (sometimes 3 times) a day and was worth spending a little more money on. I have never had an electronic toothbrush so I figured I might as well try one with a built in blue light and teeth whitening system. I also love that it’s on a time to make sure you are getting your 2 minutes in with every brush! It also vibrates to let you know when to switch to a different area of your mouth. At first I didn’t really think it was making that much of a difference when it came to whitening my teeth… until I started getting tons of compliments saying that my teeth looked so white! Now I won’t go anywhere without it (and it helps that it comes with a convenient travel kit).


Now that the weather is getting colder and the air is dry… my poor skin is starting to suffer. As I have mentioned, I have very sensitive skin and the cold weather certainly does not help by drying it out. This lotion has honestly saved my skin! I can’t tell you how many other lotions I have tried from different boutiques and skin care lines, but I always come back to this. I don’t like to use this lotion on my face, but I will use it just about anywhere else… especially my knee caps, elbows and other sensitive areas.


This Argan Oil is only $8 at CVS and Walgreens and it has worked wonders for my hair! Some Moroccan oils can be very pricey so I was more than willing to try this product with the $8 price tag. My hair is very fine so the ends break off really easily. I also get my hair colored so that contributes to the damage a little bit as well. I just put a few drops of this product on my ends right after I get out of the shower and I have noticed a tremendous difference. Before I started using this product, I went to a new hairdresser and my ends were terrible! Check out the before and after picture below:


I can’t even believe I am posting this! But after using this moroccan oil for the past few months I have seen a huge decrease in my split ends and breakage. When I get to my hairdresser now, my hair NEVER looks like it did on the left!


I use this treatment spray as soon as I get out of the shower as a detangler. It has so many benefits! I used to use “it’s a 10,” which I love -but I feel like it’s a little too heavy for my fine hair. This product is lightweight and caters toward color treated hair. It also boasts 29 benefits versus “it’s a 10’s” 10 benefits. This lightweight spray “primes, protects and perfects” you color treated hair -all while fighting color fade.

So there you have it… 10 of my top beauty products that I can NOT live without. You can shop them online by clicking the images, which will link you to the page. If you have any questions about these products and want more details, leave me a comment below and I will be happy to get back to you!



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