Gifting Guide – For the BFF

You can fight it all you want but the Holidays have pretty much arrived and if you are like me, so has the stress of gift buying.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s not so much the spending money that stresses us out, but the heavy expectation we set for ourselves to buy the perfect gifts for loved ones and close friends. “Will they actually use this?” “Will they like this?” “Will this fit?” “Is this too much money to spend on them?” The list goes on and on.

So this month I am going to try and help you all out with a series of gift guide posts for those special people in your lives. Hopefully these guides will make shopping easier and your holidays less stressful. First up… let’s start with the BFF. Everyone has a go-to friend they can always count on, and what better way to celebrate her than with a thoughtful gift? Here are some fool-proof suggestions she is going to love!


JEWELRY – For the fashionista

Diamonds are a Jewelry is a girl’s best friend.

You don’t have to indulge in expensive baubles for your girl friend, but I guarantee you she would love a fun statement pair of earrings! There are so many websites and retail stores where you can buy quality jewelry at affordable prices. One of my favorites is BaubleBar. They have so many fun and trendy pieces at affordable prices that I can never just buy one thing from them! They also have a great rewards program (get 15% off your first purchase) and they just released their holiday gift shop you can view here.

Shop the images below for more jewelry gift ideas at various price ranges:



SERVERWARE – For the hostess

My mother always taught me never to show up to a party empty handed. Usually for holiday parties I always bring a nice bottle of wine or a small appetizer. However, I also have some friends that simply LOVE to entertain. A set of wine glasses, a fancy cheese plate or a nice serving platter may be the perfect gift for a friend like this.

Make sure if you are getting a gift for a friend who loves to host parties and entertain, you either go neutral OR match their current dinner/serving dishes and decor. (To be safe, I would go with the first option). Shop some of my favorite options below:



WARM WEATHER ESSENTIALS – For that friend who’s always cold (AKA me)

I will be the first to admit that I am the person who is always freezing. I tend to turn up the thermostat when my boyfriend isn’t looking, I keep a blanket in one of my drawers at work and I have an extra pair of mittens in my car. Like most people, I hate being cold and if you have a friend like me you may want to consider getting them one of my favorite gifts below. Last Christmas, I got this blanket from my mom and  it’s seriously the softest, coziest blanket I have ever owned! You can also never have too many blanket scarves and the mittens are touch screen friendly!



TRAVEL ESSENTIALS – For the girl on the go

Now a days I feel like so many of my friends have to travel for work. These make great gifts for those girls on the go! I don’t travel a lot but when I do all of these items really come in handy! The headphones are a no brainer and I love that they come with a little pouch so they don’t get ruined or tangled up in my bag. I have also noticed that when I travel my cell phone battery tends to run out a lot quicker than usual. These adorable portable chargers are the perfect solution!

If you have a friend that travels and you know she does not have a hanging travel bag this gift is PERFECT. I have had my Vera Bradley hanging organizer for over 10 years and it’s still in excellent condition. The lined pockets also make it easy to clean. The Lilly Pulitzer travel bag is my new favorite! It actually folds down to a small 6″ x 6″ square. It’s also only $58 and comes in one other cute pattern!



FESTIVE GIFTS – For the holiday queen

I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy the holidays, but there are those (like my mother) who go above and beyond when it comes to Christmas. Every nook and cranny of our 5 bedroom house is decorated from top to bottom. I absolutely love that she does this and it always gets me in the Christmas spirit! These gifts are great options for friends (or even teachers, moms, etc.) who just love to spread holiday cheer.



If you STILL can’t make up your mind here are some other gift options. Most girls always need an agenda and you can never have too many stationery items. I also love buying these mini O.P.I. nail polish sets because you get so much more for your money. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a bottle of nail polish and maybe only used it once or twice.


If you still feel lost, my advice is to go for something personalized. You can never really go wrong here and it shows that you actually put time and effort into finding them the perfect holiday present.

HAPPY SHOPPING! The holidays will be here before you know it!



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