Cali Trip – Day 1

So last weekend I took my very FIRST trip to California! I went with my roommate Katie to visit our friend Alison who had moved out to LA a few months ago. We had originally planned our trip for February, but that happened to be the weekend with all of the rain and mudslides, so we switched it to go over memorial day. Thank goodness we did because the weather ended up being absolutely beautiful!


This was the view from my friend’s house in Miracle Mile. One of the coolest things I noticed out there were all of the different styles of houses. You would have a modern house right next to a mediterranean style house, next to a colonial house, etc.

We landed at LAX around 8 PM and after Alison picked us up, we immediately had to go to In n’ Out Burger. Unfortunately we went to the one right next to the airport, so everyone else flying in had the same idea and it was pretty crowded. I got their double burger and the best strawberry milkshake I have ever had! I was surprised at how CHEAP it was. Especially since everything else in California is so expensive, but it was the perfect first meal in California. Of course we stayed and chatted for about 3 hours before finally heading back to Alison’s place where we immediately passed out (I now know the feeling of jet lag)!

The next morning we went to visit Alison’s architecture company, then made our way to brunch in downtown LA at LA Chapter. They had a small menu selection (which is true for most of the places we went) but everything we got was melt in your mouth amazing.


After brunch, we walked up to their rooftop bar and terrace and I loved the ambiance! I felt like I was at an upscale boutique hotel in India. I absolutely fell in love with the bohemian decor AND the rooftop pool! I also learned that rooftop pools are a big thing in LA and anyone can go up and swim in them?!


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Next stop was The Broad Museum (pronounced br-ode). It’s a really big attraction in LA and it’s free! But, you have to register about 2 months in advance if you don’t want to wait hours in line. Luckily we had advanced tickets so we were able to go right in.


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Honestly, there were some disturbing, yet eye opening pieces there (not pictured), which gave me a new appreciation for art. They had a little Andy Warhol exhibit too, which was really cool! However my FAVORITE thing was the infinity mirror room. We had to wait a while to get in but it was so worth it. You walk out on this platform that’s surrounded by water and the entire room is covered in mirrors. How cool is that?!


After the museum we walked across the street to explore the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It’s a really strange shaped building but we had fun walking around. We didn’t get a chance to go in though… maybe that will be on the list for the next visit! We stopped into a beautiful cafe called Otium for a drink and then made our way to the Arts District.


We stopped in at the Arts District Brewery for some beer and bar food for lunch. Then we walked over to Angel City brewery. We were just killing some time until we were ready to leave for the Dodgers game! It’s been A WHILE since I’ve been to a baseball game and I forgot how fun they are (minus the $14 beers)! Of course I had to get myself a souvenir Dodgers hat and they came away with a 4-0 win over The Cubs.





We stayed after the game for fireworks… it was honestly the perfect night. We had such a busy day that by the time the game and fireworks were over, we were understandably exhausted! So we had a successful Day 1 in Cali, but there were still many more adventures to be had!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Check back next week for all the deets on day 2!



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